Hello, my name is Bill Kinkade.

I am your 2012 Republican candidate for the Mississippi House of Representatives.
I seek to represent my home district 52, which includes portions of East Desoto, and Marshall Counties.

I have been involved in business in our area for more than 25 years. In that time I have worked hard to help build a successful, profitable and community-conscious small business that employs many Mississippi families.

I am an active member of the Chamber of Commerce in both Desoto and Marshall counties, having served in various roles over the years including as a member of the Board of Directors. Currently I represent the northern District of Marshall County as Zoning and Planning Director.

In all of these endeavors, I have learned to manage resources carefully and to always spend within my means. As a small businessman, I know what it means to meet payroll, and to work within a budget. As a leader, I have always striven to maintain a faithful and conservative philosophy.

Tommy Woods, the man I am seeking to replace as representative of District 52, has served the people of North Mississippi faithfully. Our district deserves a replacement who will continue that tradition of service, and one who will bring to the table new solutions to the new hurdles we face in these troubled economic times.

The time is now for a new perspective, new direction, and new leadership that can help restore values and prosperity to our state. I want to be that leader.

The Platform of my campaign is pretty simple. I will fight in Jackson for three things:
  • Recruiting and Retaining JOBS in our District

  • Enhancing Educational Opportunities, and

  • Bringing Conservative, Fiscal Responsibility to our State Government
First and foremost, this race is about bringing new, quality jobs and industry to the people of District 52.
I believe that everyone should have the same opportunity to start a small business, and to be successful without being taxed out of business.
It's time that we pass business-friendly legislation in Jackson that will make North Mississippi attractive to anyone and everyone looking to create jobs for our people.

Second, we must do something about the state of our failing schools. Over the past 20 years, we have seen a continuing decline in the quality of education in Mississippi.
We are very proud of some of our top performing students, administrators and individual schools, but taken as a whole, our schools are in trouble.

Our children are the future, of Mississippi and of the United States. We must ensure they have the education they need, and the future they deserve.

I pledge to you that when I get to Jackson, I will work to ensure that our tax dollars are put back into the classrooms, not into additional administration and more government bureaucracy.

I vow to work aggressively toward common sense reform, that is, bring accountability back to our educational system, and eliminate wasteful entitlements.

Finally, I will be your conservative voice in Jackson with regard to how we spend the taxpayer's money.

When I get to Jackson I will fight against "government interference", and I will work hard to reign in government spending and unnecessary regulation.

As your next State Representative, I promise I will vote to spend YOUR dollars wisely.

I stand before you today to humbly ask for your vote, your prayers, and your support in this campaign.

Winning this race will take a team effort.
If you would take just a moment to visit our support page and find out what you can do to help me bring a conservative voice to our State's Capitol,

I will serve you with pride in the 52nd district. I'll continue to work for you and stay within myself, not let others negatively influence what we need to continue success.
When I tell you I'll do something, I'll work as long and as hard as I possibly can to see that what I start is brought to completion.

A vote for our campaign is a vote for proven Conservative Leadership in District 52.

Thank you and may God Bless you all.

Countdown to Run-Off

District 52

Run-off Election is

November 27!

I want to take a moment and honor the men and women who have served in our military. Being a 2nd generation Veteran myself, I do recognize the sacrifices involved with service. I understand the sense ofduty and need to serve. This country owes so much to our troops, they have given so much over the years. We should all take the time to thank a vetean today. Perhaps everyone should take a page from their book, if they did it would read of duty, service and sacrifice. - Bill Kinkade