Dear Voter,

I would like to ask for your support as I seek the Republican nomination for the MS House, Seat 52 on November 6, 2012.

Reasons I would like for you to consider voting for me:

  • I am for making Jobs (paychecks) more attractive than welfare (Handouts)

  • I am for Conservative Values – God, Family, Country, Work, Dignity

  • I am for Less Government Regulation – Pro Business & Industry

  • I am for Lower Taxes and Less Frivolous Spending

  • I am for Lowering the Debt in Mississippi

  • I am for Protecting the Unborn – PRO LIFE

  • I am for putting government back in the hands of the people

If these core values resonate with you, then I need your help.

You can go to the polls and help elect conservatives; and free Mississippians from the tax and spend liberals who want to control the lives of the hardest working, conservative citizenry in our state…

Three ways you can help:

  • Prayers – Please pray for Christians to stand up for God and Vote their Convictions.

  • Contributions - No amount is too small…(or too large!)

  • Votes – Please get at least ten commitments from family and friends to vote for me in the general election on Nov. 6th. Ask each of them to get ten commitments from friends and family to vote conservative as well.

Conservative Christians working together against Big Government's Liberal Agenda is the way we can take back our state and eventually our country. We have to start exactly where we are – right here in the 52nd District.

Please help me fight the fight for Conservative Christian beliefs in this district. This is my land; this is your land. Let's act like it!

May God Bless You!

Bill Kinkade
Candidate for the House of Representatives District 52

Please make checks payable to:

Friends of Bill Kinkade
71 Peachtree Rd. Byhalia, MS 38611
Phone: 662-544-0319

Countdown to Run-Off

District 52

Run-off Election is

November 27!