Economic Growth
We find ourselves with an opportunity to capitalize on our location, our labor pool, and tradition of hard work. We must retain the fair market work ethic that helped build Mississippi into the great state it has always been. We are in a very advantageous position. We have one million workers currently experiencing the same nine percent unemployment rate that is facing our entire Country. Those are our families, friends and neighbors that are struggling to survive the current economic challenges. We must gain the vision of a new, more prosperous Mississippi.

Fiscal Responsibility
Budgetary success can only be attained with fiscal responsibility. Diligence is key. Planning, execution, benchmarking and evaluation will lead to long term solutions. In business, deficit spending does not exist. We do however practice it in government budgeting. The business of Mississippi belongs to Mississippi. We cannot look to the Federal Government to solve our problems. Programs of entitlement, without achieving benchmarks must not continue. We must concern ourselves with the business of Mississippi instead of the politics of Mississippi.

As a father and grandfather I am aware of the issues that we Mississippians are facing for the education of our youth and young adults. Being a product of public education myself, I believe that education begins in the home. All parents must bear the responsibility of positively reinforcing the education that our teachers are providing. A community involvement is paramount. We as a community must do a better job of recruiting, training, evaluating and retaining educators that not only meet but exceed the call of duty.

2nd Ammendment
I am strong supporter of the right granted to us by our founding fathers to keep and bear arms. I am a long standing member of the National Rifle Association. We as a society must perform due dilligence to educate our children and our peers about both the benefits and dangers of firearms. Further restrictions on firearms will not solve the problems this country is facing with crime. We must be more effective in enforcing the laws already in place.

Pro Life
This is a very complex issue that is not necessarily a question of legality and more a question of morality. We are pro life. We cannot debate the Supreme Court ruling on the Rowe v Wade. I pray that Mississippi will help chart the course for this profound moral issue.

Countdown to Run-Off

District 52

Run-off Election is

November 27!